Bug reports & patches


Please can somebody let me know the best way to raise bug reports to the community, and ensure these aren’t lost.

I read that I should post in the relevant forum, tagging the post as a bug report. Is this correct?

I raised the following issue http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/207428#207428 and also supplied a patch in my post that fixes the issue, but the post hasn’t had any responses or acknowledgement in several weeks so I’m not sure if I followed the right procedure.

I’ve also read the following::

“If you only wish to contribute a simple patch, for a bugfix or feature enhancement, and do not wish to have an account created for you in the version control system, you can simply attach the patch file to the appropriate Issue report in the issue reporting system. A member of the Ignite Realtime community with appropriate access will commit the patch on your behalf. By submitting patches in this way, you explicitly grant Jive Software ownership of the modifications, and no contributor agreement is necessary.”

I created a JIRA account but found I could only raise issues against the Tinder project.

I’m not an official contributor but I’m actively using Openfire, Fastpath and the Smack APIs at the moment as a developer and would like to be able to raise bug reports to the community.

It’d be great to get a definitive answer to this as there are other issues I’ve found and I’d like to at least ensure that the relevant people are made aware of them, and they can be tracked and prioritised appropriately.



Hi Stuart,

My appologies for missing your post and thanks for your persistence. We are desperate for active developers, so any help you can provide would be welcome! I can get you elevated Jira privs, what is your Jira account?


Hi, Stuart,

Yes, you were correct to start a thread in the forums, attach a patch there and tag it as bug_report. Your report hasn’t been noticed by any responsible member (as Daryl said). This happens as a large number of threads are posted every day and all of us are just volunteers here.

As about your patch. It seems that a patch was already proposed by other community member. OF-109. Can you check that patch and compare to yours? If you patch covers this issue better you can attach your patch to the issue (when Daryl sets the appropriate rights for you).

I have changed this part in the document about contributing. Usually new jira users don’t have rights to create tickets and attach files.

Thank you both for the response and fast turnaround on the patch. I do understand the nature of the community being volunteer based, and this is one reason I’d like to contribute any fixes back.

You are correct, it seems this is a duplicate of OF-109 and the patch for OF-109 does cover this scenario (the code change in the patch is exactly the same as mine), but also covers an additional couple of scenarios where a similar thing could happen, so it would probably be best to run the patch for OF-109 to completely cover the issue, as this also includes my change.

My JIRA account is stuartch. Apologies though, I did check in JIRA for a duplicate but somehow missed the existing issue. I will be sure to double-check before raising anything else though.


… which it looks like you’ve already done.

Thanks guys!


You should have higher privs in Jira now. Write a few more approved patches and you can get svn access if you wish


Thanks a lot.

Just to give you guys some background (in case you’re interested) in what we are doing…

I work for a software company called Sword Ciboodle, and we develop CRM solutions for contact centres. We’re currently integrating a text chat solution into our product which will allow customers to make contact with call centres running our product through a text chat channel. We are supporting integration with a number of chat platforms, and one of these will be Openfire (along with the Fastpath plugin). This means an agent using our CRM solution will be able to handle chat requests from customers on a website coming in through Openfire, and the agent will have the chat session along with all of the customer’s details, case and contact history fully integrated into their desktop.

We have a number of developers actively working on this feature, and there are a few more issues we’ve noticed along the way but haven’t yet had a chance to raise.We are more than happy to contribute back any fixes that we need to make.



Great to hear this. Fastpath currently lacks an attention from developers after Jive Software has made it open source. So it is good that you can provide fixes for some of the issues.