Bug: Result of the Search Contact

When doing a search, the result does not fill in the fields User Name and the grid.
I noticed it happening in the software in Portuguese into English works perfectly.

Version: Spark 2.6.0 RC1

Possible solution: UserSearchResult.java the file, change line 122 in the code below

if (column.getLabel().equals(tableValue)) {

tableValue = column.getVariable();




if (column.getVariable().equals(tableValue)) {

tableValue = column.getVariable();



analyze code, please.


there is an open issue for this problem in the ticketsystem (SPARK-1260) but i cannot reproduce your error.

I changed my language to protuguês-Brasil. Restarted spark and searched a person using the input field at the buttom of the contact list. a new window opens and everything works fine. i added a screenshot do show my results. maybe you are using a different language file?

Hi Holger,

screenshots of problem:


you have different column names in your table. normaly spark gets the columnnames from the server. seems to be a problem with the server. which server do you use, or is it a public server?

I am use Openfire 3.7.0.

In my networking.

this might be an openfire / portugese-translation related error.

please check the issue tracker: