BUG: spark_2_6_0_12103 : URL bookmarks

When RC1 came out, I mentioned that client URL bookmarks which point to a file on a network share were broken. I mentioned it here: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/207843#207843 and a bug ticket was created


In build 12103 of Spark, the issue remains.

i fixed that a while ago, make sure that you delete all the old plugins in …APPDATA/Spark/plugins

if that still doesnt solve the problem, please provide the “File-Link” you have set as a bookmark

keep in mind that a file-bookmark should look like “file:///C:/ …” (yes 3x / ) and not “C:/…”

So I had 2.6 RC1 installed and still could not access the url which is file://s:\getmachinename.vbs (and this works on 2.5.8). I uninstalled 2.6 RC1, deleted the spark folder in program files and appdata/roaming and then installed build 12103 today. Still the url which points to a file does not work. I changed the file path to file:///s:… as you formatted above, restarted spark and it made no change in spark. Still does not work.

Can you help me further?

it could be related to mixing backslashes and slashes

as by java conventions, there should only be slashes and no backslashes

try " file:///C:/Program%20Files/ " for example if that still doesnt work, i guess i have to look into this again

That was it!!! Fixed it like a charm. Who would have guess. the next openfire or client control plugin release should note that on that page. Thanks again.