BUG: Spark 2.6 RC1 - Client Version

This is only a minor issue but thought I would add it while Spark 2.6 final is still being built.

When you rt click on a user in the contact list and select “View client version” a Windows 7 computer is getting recognized as a Windows Vista computer in the operating system field.

See attachment.

Could not reproduce, shows as Windows 7 for me

Could it be that I am using 2.6 and everyone else in my organization is on 2.5.8? Maybe it would say Windows 7 if they were on 2.6?

Can’t say, have 2.6.0 RC1 all over the place

Now that I think about it, I’m sure thats what that is. We can disregard this “bug.”

what was it?

I think it’s just that I am using spark 2.6 and all other users are using 2.5.8. You can’t replicate the issue because everyone is on 2.6 RC1. So it’s gotta be a spark 2.5.8 thing not a spark 2.6 thing.