[BUG] Spark allows to add yourself to the roster and related

There are few things related to the same issue

  1. when searching from Spark it lists yourself as well - should distinguish you JID and avoid listing
  2. from 1. you can add yourself to the roster - pointless
  3. you can add yourself to the roster manually as well - pointless
  4. then you can talk to yourself - pointless

You forgot to list that you can also accept a subscription request from yourself At my work many users are asking why they can’t see themselves in the roster They are just not sure are they online and in what group do they are.


Isn’t it so cool to know my own status

I like this feature Wouldn’t call it a bug

Well, it’s not really a bug, but more a design issue. It is just pointless to have yourself in the list of your contacts. But i have filed this as a bug, minor one, as it is not a feature request or a real improvement.