-Bug- Spark losing focus on new IM

We use Spark as a client in our organization, and we are running XP Pro on our machines.

We noticed an bug in the last update (2.6.3) where when a user receives an IM, Windows loses focus of whatever program the user was in, which interrupts their work. This was never an issue prior to 2.6.3. To elaborate on the matter, if they were typing in MS Word for example, word would lose focus, and they would just type into oblivion. This happens no matter what combination of preferences is selected. It doesn’t matter if you push the notifications to the system tray, disable taskbar flashing, etc.

This only happens the first time an IM is received. Once the window is there, it can be minimized, and the user won’t lose focus on the receipt of subsequent IMs.

In terms of fixing the problem on my end, I’ve tried completely deleting the folder Spark uses for saving preferences to the machine. I’ve reinstalled with the latest stable version of 2.6.3, I’ve reinstalled with a nightly build to see if that issue was corrected in a bleeding edge version, but no luck.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.