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Bug : Spark remove contacts


I found a bug into Spark. Into an certain situation, it will ask the server to unsubscribe a contact and will remove the contact from the roster.

User A use Spark client.

User B use any client (tried with Spark and AdiumX).

The server is Openfire.

Theses steps will always reproduce the bug.

  1. User A and B are logged-in and they both see each other (subscription is both).

  2. User B disconnects

  3. User A disconnects

  4. User B reconnects

  5. The roster of contact B is reinitialized (all contacts removed and added again) on the server and the User B is re-added into contact A rosters (subscription is both).

  6. User A reconnects and here if Spark is used it will remove the User B from the roster

If User A use any other client (like Psi or AdiumX), the contact B is never removed from the roster.

If I activate the debug window into Spark client on User A, I see that the server send the item roster for User B. Then, Spark send an unsubscribe packet to the server.

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