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Bug:Statistics Graphs are wrong


Please take a look at the attached screenshot. The following is buggy:

  • Number of current users (high/maybe also low) is incorrect as you see in the expanded current users graph
  • The expanded current users graph does not display 7 days but only 6. Also the current day is not there & the last day does not have any statistics.
  • Same problems apply for the active conversations & packets per minute graphs.

Thanks for fixing



Michael, first of all “Welcome to the community” and a big thank you for the GPLed plugin. The Openfire community is a one man army consisting of Guus and that’s it. He has worked a lot in the backend, but monitoring and other enterprise feature were not his focus.

We are definitely missing programmers working in the Openfire backend. Monitoring and Kraken are really missing some tender, love and care.

I think Monitoring plugin had no attention at all after being open sourced by its original authors (Jive Software), like some other plugins.

filed as OF-461

Hi Walter,

Thanks for the welcome

It was not my intention to attack anyone here I know the community is not big & the developers are even less people.

That’s why I’m trying to do some stuff too, even if it’s only a small plugin or some help for other users.

I would like to do some more stuff, but it’s sometimes a bit hard to dive into the code

I didn’t think about the monitoring thing being a plugin. Maybe I find time to take a look…

Thanks @wroot for filling a bug report.

It would be nice if the community would grow a little bit as openfire is a really good jabber server (maybe the best, but with some bugs which should be fixed)

I will be able to throw some ressources on Openfire in Q4/ late Q3.

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Hi Michael,

Are you still having this issue? Just wish to verify the ticket is still valid.


I don’t know, I don’t use Openfire anymore - sorry.