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Bug with LDAP users and capital letters

I found a problem (and a resolution) with LDAP users with weird capitalizations in their usernames:

We are using 2.2.1 and LDAPing users and groups from a Windows 2003 AD server.

After I upgraded to 2.2.1 today a user reported no one was showing up in her contact list. After troubleshooting, I saw the her windows account (login) name was different from everyone elses. Hers was in the format JUser (2 capital letters). Everyone else is using juser (no caps). After changing her windows login name (under the account tab in user management in Win2k3 AD users and computers) to all lower case and restarting the Jive server, she can see her roster again.

I did some testing and found that changing a user name in windows to use capitals breaks the roster for that user. It seems there is some sort of case-sensitive bug in the server when querying usernames?

FWIW, the ldap portion of my config is:

Yep, I discovered and documented this here:


I never got a response acknowledging it as a bug, so I changed the case on all my user accounts…

Hey guys,

I just answered the other thread. The problem is that XMPP specifies that JIDs cannot have upper case letters except for the resource part. That is the reason why you are having problems with those users. Try using lower cases letters only.


– Gato

I still would label this as a bug. People in AD enviroments may be using uppercase usernames, and by not fixing this, you are going to lose the user base from those people.

And weirdly enough, this is a NEW problem. The last version of Jive didn’'t have this problem.


This is definitely a bug that should be fixed. I’'ve filed JM-394.