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Bug with Unicode in Spark 2.0.8

Hello spark support

Please, review a newly discovered bug with cyrillic in Spark 2.0.8.

When you click on a contact to view its message history

the history may not display correctly when entered in Unicode


Thank you.


SPARK-493 is fixed in the available 2.5 beta version. A 2.0.9 version is unfortunately not available.


It seems like fixed for Contact History but not fixed for main chat window.

Look at screenshot: http://glory1.at.tut.by/images/spark-unicode.png

Spark version 2.5.0 beta 3.

Any update for it?


did you test this with 2.5-beta3 ? For me the beta3 version looks fine. Old and bogus entries are however lost and one may as far as I can tell not recover them.