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BUG: XIFF r11673 bundled as3crypto.swc lacks a patch to potentially work with Google Talk

[Fault] exception, information=Error: pure virtual function call: fromDERContent

Issue 25: TLSSocket “pure virtual function call”

patch for as3crypto (as3crypto/src/com/hurlant/util/asn1/type/BooleanType.as) and as3crypto.swc including patch attached (built using prerelase of flex sdk 4.1, which might be an issue).
patch-BooleanType.as.zip (1235 Bytes)
as3crypto.swc.zip (253400 Bytes)

Added BooleanType patch to as3crypto and recompiled swc.

There was another issue with the included as3crypto.swc that caused the same “pure virtual function call” error:

fromDERContent needed to be updated to return null in the base ASN1Type class and not throw an error.

XIFF-73 was created to address the changes made to the included swc and has now been resolved.

Google Talk does indeed now work with the included swc.