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Bugs in org.jxmpp

There are two bugs in JidCreate and one in LocalDomainAndResourcepartJid:

Bug#1 (JidCreate: Line 59)

String localpart = XmppStringUtils.parseBareAddress(jidString);


String localpart = XmppStringUtils.parseLocalpart(jidString);

Bug#2 (JidCreate: Line 66)

String localpart = XmppStringUtils.parseBareAddress(escapedJidString);


String localpart = XmppStringUtils.parseLocalpart(escapedJidString);

Bug#3 (LocalDomainAndResourcepartJid: Line 59)

unescapedCache = super.asUnescapedString() +** ‘@’ + super.toString()**;


unescapedCache = super.asUnescapedString() + ‘/’ + resource;

Fixed. Thanks for reporting!

Do you plan to use jxmpp-jid in one of your projects?

Until now I had my own JabberId class but with the release of jxmpp, I thought it would be a good idea to get rid of that implementation. I have currently migrated my projects to smack 4.1.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT and jxmpp 0.3.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT (with the bugfixes). It passes my testings so far.

Glad to hear that those alpha snapshots work for you. I’ve just pushed a now jxmpp-jid SNAPSHOT with the fix. We are happy about every early adopter. If you have any ideas for the API, then please let us know.

FYI jxmpp-jid is planned to be used in Smack 4.2. The current Roadmap is (in order):

  • smack-android, smack-sasl-*

  • xep198

  • smack-serverless

for Smack 4.1


  • jxmpp-jid

for Smack 4.2