Build Openfire faild, ask how to solve, thank you

Build Openfire faild, ask how to solve, thank you

April 28 from openfire source files, running Build Openfire steps have been wrong?

The present machine environment, the establishment of document sets out the steps and error, for reference?

  • 1? The local environment
    win2003 server + Eclipse 3.3.2 + JDK1.6
    Have successfully compiled a spark

  • 2? Procedures for the establishment of steps
    Build Openfire using the following steps to establish?

  • A. Check Out Openfire SVN

  • B. Create Openfire Project

    1. In the Project Explorer screen, there is an openfire project, delete it. On the Confirm Project Delete choose Do not delete contents, then click Yes.
    1. Click File::new::Project… Notice the ellipses!!!
    1. Select Java::Java Project and click Next.
    1. On the New Java Project window choose Create project from existing source and browse to where openfire folder is located under your workspace.
    1. In the Project name box enter exactly as openfire. Otherwise, the Next and Finish button remain disabled. Click on Next. Then click on Finish.
    1. the Open Associated Perspective windows opens, click Yes.

3?Build Openfire

  • Click Window::Show View::Ant menu.

  • Right-click the Ant screen and choose Add Buildfiles…

  • Expand the openfire::build folder and select build.xml, then click OK.

  • On the Ant screen, expand the Openfire XMPP Server and double-click on openfire ant task.

4? Build Openfire wrong message

Buildfile: E:\im\openfire\build\build.xml


Created dir: E:\im\openfire\work

Created dir: E:\im\openfire\work\overlay\classes


Created dir: E:\im\openfire\work\classes

Compiling 620 source files to E:\im\openfire\work\classes

E:\im\openfire\src\java\org\jivesoftware\openfire\sasl\SaslServerFactoryImpl.jav a:29: org.jivesoftware.openfire.sasl.SaslServerFactoryImpl Is not abstract, and did not cover In the abstract way getMechanismNames(java.util.Map<? super java.lang.String,?>)

public class SaslServerFactoryImpl implements SaslServerFactory {


Note: Some input documents covering the use or outdated API?

Note: For more information, please use - Xlint: deprecation recompiled?

Note: Some use the input file without a check or unsafe operation?

Note: For more information, please use - Xlint: unchecked code.

1 Mistake


E:\im\openfire\build\build.xml:278: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

Total time: 14 seconds

How bizarre. I’ve never gotten Eclipse to behave correctly for me in just about any situation, so I’ll ignore eclipse for a moment.

If you just check out the source, go into build and type: ant openfire

that should build it. We generally build under java 5 but a couple of folk build under java 6 and I’ve never heard of running into such errors. In the file that balked there, there is a use of a “proprietary sun API” that is currently included in the JDK, but it warns that it may go away at some point in the future. But that’s just a warning and in all of the recent java’s, the API still exists. So I’m at a loss as to why it’s not building for you. Especially if it doesn’t build from the command line. I think if you look under the Documents tab you’ll find some instructions on setting up under Eclipse. Maybe that will help?

Actually, the guides I was referring to are here: ocuments

my question has been answered.thank you