Build Red5 into Spark?

Hi, I’m going through a Spark skinning exercise, using the trunk SVN with Netbeans and install4j - and although I’m an absolute beginner with this stuff I’d like to broaden the exercise and do some other customisations. One thing I’m interested in doing is packaging the Red5 Spark plugin in with the Spark .exe, so it’s a nice simple rollout. I’m definitely a non-programmer but I can follow user guides - is this something that is feasible, has anyone else attempted anything similar with Red5 or other plugins?


I think it is very good idea

I have not pushed for the red5 Sparkplug to be included with Spark or even on the public available plugins web site at igniterealtime beacuse it is still in beta and is reported not working properly with Macs.

Dele, this is probably a bit of a cheeky question but I’m totally lost at the moment I’m using Netbeans and install4j, i have the red5plugin-jar - and I just want to bundle it with my custom Spark install. Where on earth do I begin?! I’ve got the Sparkplug kit, but I can’t even really work out what to do with that! I’d hoped I could just drop the .jar file into the project somewhere and that would be that but it appears a bit more complex than that. Do I have to extract the files from within the .jar and save them elsewhere in the project? Is there a master file somewhere that references all plugins to be included in the install that I maybe have to add Red5 to?

I’ll keep trying to figure it out in the meantime…


put it in the plugins folder with the Jive plugins and see what happens

Yeah not as simple as that by the looks of it. All the Jive plugins live under …\src\plugins (not as .JARs, but as files contained in \src and \build sub directories. During the compile they are obviously referenced by a file somewhere and then put into \target\build\plugins as .JARs. I’ve tried extracting red5-plugin.jar and copying the extracted files and folders into this structure - but it doesn’t do anything. I think I need to find the file that pulls all this together - I’m looking at build.xml which lives in \build - but as I’m not a programmer it’s a bit over my head! Copying re5-plugin.jar in to the \target\plugins folder just results in it being removed when a build is performed in Netbeans…


It seems red5 plugin has to included in the build process as source code and editing build.xml. I really don’t use ANT, as I prefer to use simple batch files to compile and create my jar files, but if you post the build.xml file here, maybe someone can help to edit it.


I used a really simple solution, I think it would be what you need.

I installed Spark, put the red5 plugin, whiteboard… in the plug in folder, executed Spark as admin (so the plugin initializes) and then rebuilt an msi with Advanced Installer (free).

It worked fine for me.


OK I think I figured out how to do it - thanks for the suggestions. What has worked for me is to copy red5-plugin.jar to the source project in \src\commercial. When I now run a clean and build in Netbeans, the .jar is copied to \target\build\plugins, and a newly created .exe in install4j magically includes Red5 as a pre-installed plugin. Hurrah!

I have a few people to test the new build - but it looks ok. There are errors in Spark’s log looking for in the wrong location, but I think they were there before I installed this build (ie. when I was manually dropping the plugin in after installation).

I do have a rather frequent error - but I’m going to start another thread for that as it’s not connected to this build question.