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Build your first plugin without eclipse

For those of you who have built plugins, is it possible to do so without installing eclipse, subversion, ant, etc… and if so can you tell me what the process is?

I have found docs here in the development area, but they talk about checking out the entire source for openfire, and rebuilding everything from scratch? that cant be right?!?!

There must be a simpler way to build, update, and deploy a plugin.

How is everyone out there building this stuff?

If have just installed Ant and an JDK 1.6. There is no eclipse needed, I use KWrite (Linux/KDE) as editor for just everything.

I downloaded the Openfire source, no SVN, just from the download page. Extract it to an directory and place your plugins source into openfire_src/src/plugins/yourplugin and compile it using Ant. The result will be a JAR-file: openfire_src/target/openfire/plugins/yourplugin,jar

If you want it a bit more comfortable, write a script updates version in plugin.xml and so on…