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Building 4.1 using gradle

Looking for how to build 4.1 from sources.

I tried importing sources from the source zips but it did not work .

need pointers to this my codes are failing without the customization…



Please help me on this @Flow I am waiting on this badly i am not able to build a jar out of the sources. I understand your priorities but its a blocker for me to test 4.1 further.

Smack uses gradle as build system, so in order to build the artifacts, i.e. compile the sources and create a jar, you simply run

gradle assemble

But where do i get the sources ??
I dont find 4.1 branch ? this is where i dont understand.

I did this is it correct ?

I cloned igniterealtime/Smack · GitHub

set android home

Imported it into the IntelliJ IDE and then Build once i modify the soruce ?

Yes, master is where the 4.1.0-alpha’s come from. I don’t use IntelliJ so I can’t comment on that. If you use eclipse it’s basically “gradle eclipse” + in eclipse: import all nested projects

Got it Sir …

Thanks a lot … I was dumb i i did not open the master branch searching for 4.1 tags etc…

It works for me now all set … Thanks a lot again @Flow