Building scalable openfire infrastructure

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We need to build openfire infrastructure which is scalable and without any SPOF.

Is there a document or link for reference?

We tried clustering plugin but ran in to coherence issue non-compatibility.



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I’m also interested to know how many connections can each server support and what hardware is recommended.

Can someone point me to a document?



I am afraid, there is no simple answer to that question. You will have to read to the Forum and documents, since the issue has been discussed several times but no one has consolidated all information in one document.

You are welcome to do that as it is a very important topic. There is an old topic around this to-eleven

I am runing a virtualized server without any special setup that runs around 3000 concurrent users with 500 active sessions at the max. It’s a single CPU, 2 GB CentOS box with MySQL without any tuning.