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Building webchat

I have the latest code from CVS and I’‘m trying to build webchat. When I run ant with the “war” option I get a couple errors about unrecognized characters in the input stream and then many errors where it can’'t find the type JTextArea.

Is webchat buildable from CVS yet? I have tried the sample jsp app and it works great as far as viewing the roster, but of course, sending messages isn’'t implemented yet.

We’‘ll be building a JSR 168 portlet that shows the currently online users and the sample jsp app is perfect for that implementation. We’'d like to also use webchat, however, to let them have a Smack-based web client.

Thanks for the great API,



Sorry for the confusion – we should probably just remove the webchat from cvs since it was never even close to completed.



Hello Matt

im looking for the Jive messenger web chat client, can you help me to find the source and how to.

Thanking you