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Button to talk directly with Agent


We are deployin a solution for ourselves for Webchat.

We wanted to visitors to be able to talk directly to a user.

Is this possible?



Hey Andre -

Webchat is used in collaboration with the Fastpath plugin for connection workgroups and queues, rather than directly to a given agent. If you do not have the need for routing like that and want to go directly to a named agent, I would look at creating an web interface using Strophe.JS or other JavaScript XMPP library to expose agents on the web page and provide a chat interface. Do you have other workgroup, queing and routing needs? How are the agents connecting to the server - with the Spark client? If the other fastpath plugin features are needed it may be possible to setup each agent in an individual queue and allow the user to select the agent name via a drop down. This would get unweildly if you have a large number of agents, however.


Hi Jake,

Thanks for your asnwer.

To be honest I have already sorted this problem…

Created a workgroup for each agent that wants to expose his presence.

After that on Spark, duplicated the fastpath.jar file and I can connect to 2 workgroups at the same time.

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Cool . . .I’ve done the samething with the fastpath client to allow multiple connections to workgroups.

Currently I am working on a pure JavaScript/XMPP client to replace the Spark client, as well as replacing webchat with a JavaScript/XMPP client to give me greater control over the user experience, as well as to bypass the webchat which seems to be a weak point for the Fastpath infrastructure.


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Hi Jake,

Your work on the JS replacement for webchat is very intriguing and much needed. Will it be available to the community?



Ian -

What I am doing is very specific from a UI perspective and underlying business functionality that does not translate well to the broader use by the openfire community, not to mention some of the proprietary items in my code that my employer would not like to share. What I will probably do is put up a blog post with specifics on the messages and code examples to demostrate how to roll your own. It will probably be two weeks before I can ge thtat published. At that time I will publish the link to the article here.


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