Button toolbar disappear after upgrade from RC2 to Final (Spark 2.60)


After Upgrading to final version, I noticed that a button bar is gone and looks like all the items are moved into Actions menu. Was it by design?

Spark Changelog’s latest entry is still from 2007.

If it not by design, how I can get that bar back?


This is by design, seeking to make main Spark window lightweight and not piled with unneeded buttons/features. Were you using those buttons often? Personally i don’t use them at all and i think having them in Actions menu is not a huge drawback. There is no option to get them back and i don’t think it is planned to have such.

What button are you using ? All, some ?

My users like to have “broadcast” and “join conference room” buttons, but guess they will need to do few extra mouse movements.