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Cache Issue

Does anyone know if the cache/roster issue has been resolved in the new version (or if there is a better workaround for it)

Running Wildfire Server 3.1

Spark 2.0.8

Active Directory integration

Default Plugins and Gateway Plugin


Whenever there is a new user added or logged on for the first time the cache must be flushed and then users relogged on to get the most recent roster.

If these steps do not take place you can send to the new user but the new user cannot send to you or vica versa.

This is very annoying and our users are slowly being “trained” to not trust the Spark/Wildfire solution because sometime there messages don’'t get through and they have to wait for me to flush and then they have to log out and log back on… and so on and so forth

Is there a way to turn the cache off completely!? (We only have 50 or so users on at a time, so increased processor user is fine)


http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/HowtoconfigureWildfire%27scaches may help to change the cache size and expiration time. As I don’‘t use LDAP I’'m not sure if this helps.


Thanks… looks like I’'ll be updating sooner than later.

I was trying to hold off till the 2.5 official release of Spark.

I’'ll keep the forum updated.