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Cache settings

It seems to be simple, but I didn´t find how to change the “Max Size” of cache to improve the Effectiveness.

Thaks for your help.

Would someone please help me…

There is a way to change the cache settings?

My goal is to improve the efectiveness…

Thank you

To improve the efectiveness of openfire, you only need to increase the size of your JVM´s size memory.

I only found a option to modify the cache settings, adding a system property for each cache option. But, what is the default size for each one?, I don´t know and modify manualy have many risk.This is a wrong way.

The best way is to increment the JVM´s size and automatically the cache size increase. I recommend you that the JVM’size would be at the relation of 1/2 of your physical memory, but if you have a good memory size maybe at 3/4, in dedicated servers. For example, if you have 2GB of physical memory, you could assign 1280Mb (1024 + 256) to JVM.

How do it?. Find in this forums about the file openfired.vmoptions

Remember to use numbers base 2.






How to configure Openfire’s caches