Call external number

Hi all, I am testing Openfire v 3.10.0 and new OpenFire Meeting.

When I try to call somebody from Web Interface, by using telephone icon, nothing happens, and on error.log i always see this error:

org.jitsi.jigasi.openfire.JigasiPlugin - CallControlComponent - invalid conf id null admin@openfire/ofmeet7816

Have I to set something else?

Note that i registered, under meeting settings, the ofmeet client ( jigasi ) with asterisk box. I can see it, udner asterisk box, that is registered.


I think that is the two person SIP bug. Wait for a fix.

Update on the 2 person SIP bug.

There is NO fix for now. The JItsi server-side focus implementation does not create a conference until there at leat two peopl in the conference. It works for their Jigasi implementation because it is a full conference participant. In my implementation, I am mixing the audio server side and do not appear as a conference participant. This means for Openfire Meetings you need two participants before you can invite a SIP telephone as a third participant.

I do not intend to change this logic for now.

Thanks Dale for explanation.