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Call for testimonials

Hey all,

We’'d love to feature some quotes from users on the Jive Messenger home page. If you use and enjoy the application, please reply to this message (or email or private message me) with a short testimonial along with your full name and company (if applicable).



I’'ve been using the Jive Messenger server to communicate within 30+ employees in a call center environment. The server provides us with a secure and constant in-house communications service, a very easy to use administration interface and dymanic client-side support.

I would recommend this software to any admin who wants to implement a secure in-house replacement for an instant messaging protocol, it is top notch technology at a price you can’'t beat, free.

Carlos Serpa, Tech Support Supervisor, Cleartel Communications


Thanks, that’'s great! Any other takers?


As the IT Manager for a large international company, providing efficient and effective communication has been a top priority. Such communication is often expensive, difficult to set up and maintain, and full of complicated hassles.

Jive Messenger has been one of my best finds. This software makes instant messaging a piece of cake to set up and maintain! Jive does it all, allowing for less headaches on the administrator’'s part. This software has truly revolutionized the way my company communicates.

Tim Chandler, IT Manager, MultiLing Corporation

Thanks Tim, that’'s great! Any more takers? It would be awesome to have three to start.


Hi Matt, here is one more:

We are company working on new and innovative approach to the Location Based Services. It is basically Instant Messaging with a twist. Besides knowing if somebody is on the Internet, now you can know where they are (in real time). We adopted XMPP as protocol used by our tracking devices for communication over wireless network (GSM/GPRS). We extended JEP-80 (User Geolocation) and implemented our whole command and tracking protocol on top of XMPP.

For our Monitoring software we used Smack as XMPP library of choice. We can say only best about this library.

Based on our experience with Smack we also decided to adopt Jive Messenger as our XMPP server of choice. In order to support another unique protocol called Adaptive Assited GPS, based on our P2P hybrid of Assisted GPS, we had to extend Jive Messenger. It was very easy and straightforward. Code was very well commented.

Jive Messenger is very well organized peace of software. Easy to use and install. Has growing open-source community and very dedicated developers. If everything goes as planed on our side, in the future we would like to contribute JEP-0060 (Publish-Subscribe) implementation based on JMS.

Miroslav Bosnjakovic, Product Director, Alltigo Inc.


Thank you for the testimonial! Your use of the server sounds very interesting. We’‘d love to work with you on pub-sub when you’'re ready. Also, if you need beta testers for your GPS devices, feel free to send us some.