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Call not work correctly

I user jive for jabber server and asterisk for PBX server.

I installed Spark and Asterisk-im. When I use Spark that login with “poy1” to call to one user(poy) but it dial to “poy1” at other soft phone instead of “poy”.(I open other soft phone(express talk) that login with “poy1”)

But if I used soft phone to call(soft phone to soft phone), it worked correctly.

My sip.conf:

type = friend

host = dynamic

username = poy

secret = poy

context = incoming

type = friend

host = dynamic

username = poy1

secrete = poy1

context = incoming

My extensions.conf

exten => poy,1,Dial(SIP/poy)

exten => poy,2,Hangup()

exten => poy1,1,Dial(SIP/poy1)

exten => poy1,2,Hangup()

What wrong with my configuration

Please help