Call to Action: Please test the RC2 nightly

To all users interested in moving Spark to new life

Dear User,

Spark is moving finally to a new version 2.6.0. There was a large development effort. 304 resolved issues in Spark, more than 60 issues in Smack show the size of the effort. This new code needs your testing. It needs your personal effort to report any issue (a bug, an improvement request, a hurray, a WTF). Please use the nightly builds at for your daily work. It is stable. It has bugs. We need those and a report about the bugs. Please report them in the Spark Dev discussion forum, post your error log (found at spark/logs in the installation folder and at documents and settings/ data/spark/logs).

You can make a difference. Use the RC2 nightly

A community member


I guess I don’t follow. Where’s the download link for the latest nightly build? Artifacts > Install link (take the first installer and don’t mind the build number).