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Callback does not work:(

Hi can you tell me why the callback function is not called?

I make:

public function ready():void{
IQ iq = new IQ();
iq.callback = myCallback;
iq.callbackScope = this;

public function myCallback():void{


I do this in a class which is not the main class.

Looks like you’re using the beta release.

With that version, there was a callbackScope property and callback was a string. Looks like you are passing a function reference to callback instead of a string.

If you’re using the latest from SVN, callbackScope has been removed and callback is a function reference.

The version I’m currently using has both callback (reference) and callbackName(string of function’s name)…anyway I solved: the callback function has to have an IQ paramether, otherwise for some reason it isn’t triggered.