Can any PC be the server?

Hi, everyone, it’'s the first time for me to know “WildFire” and “Spark”.

The “WildFire Server” should be installed on a server?? Well, there is no server in my environment, I’'m using wireless to connect to the Internet. There is a Linksys router here. Can my computer with IP: to be the server to install “WildFire Server”?? And can others access it??

Sorry to ask such simple questions. I’'m totally new to networking…


Any pc should be able to act as a Wildfire server, it has very low resource usage and is very easy to config.

Are all the clients behind your linksys router? You may need to forward ports if you want people not on your network to connect.

The OS running on your PC will of course be limited to the number of connections it can handle. Windows 2000/XP Workstation I think is limited to 10 network connections.

Hi riff,

That limit is for the number of users that can access a shared folder. I believe by default WinXP supports ~4000 TCP connections.

Hope that helps,


Thanks a lot for your helps!!

Yes, all the clients are behind the same Linksys router. And there are only about ten people who will use the IM to communicate with each other.

Happy that I can make my PC be the server.

So it won’'t occupy lot of resources of my PC when all the ten people are chatting together?

your setup should be pretty simple, and the network usage would be minimal.

I have 200+ users on a shacked out network, and by shacked I mean some have 10mbps 1/2 duplex, some have 100mbps full duplex, and like 5 lucky people have 1000mpbs full, plus the system Wildfire is installed on is a Samba file server for all the same users. Average throughput is 3-4GB/day and I never hear of delays except maybe a 1/2 second delay sending a message.