Can anyone provide some document about the openfire cluster?

Hello, can you provide any idea for this? Thank you in advance~~

I need the design document about the openfire cluster(I see a topic in this forum talking about that but I did not find the document even someone mentioned the document will be published…)

I’m a fresher for openfire developer, but our product involved openfire as IM transference center, so there is a problem with the cluster(while there are many many people access our product for IM.), I knew the old plugin does not work for the latest openfire version(even on 3.6.3 which is using by us), so I plan to implement one without the licensee required modules(coherence)… I heart that there is already existing one which is implmented with JBOSS cache and JGroup, unfortunately, neither of them is used in our product, you know, I have to do that by myself now…

This is very important for us, thank you very much~~

any idea is appreciated~

Hmmm, can anyone do me a favor?