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Can get online users but not registered users - XEP-0133

I’m using 3.8.1 and XMPPFramework on iOS.

Trying to implement some adhoc commands using XEP-0133: http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0133.html#get-registered-users-num

I get an ‘item-not-found’ error when querying for either number of** registered users** or list of registered users:

I know my XML is well-formed because I’m getting a response when querying for number of online users (using http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0133.html#get-online-users-num).

I’m querying from an admin account.

Do I need to setup something on my server? Or does Openfire support online users but not registered users?

Is there another way to get the list of registered users?

I was thinking of adding every user that signs up to the admin account roster. Then I can just query the roster. If the number of users reaches into the millions will this be an eventual problem?

Also, I’m using MySQL for persistence. Can’t I just query the registered users table (or whichever) in MySQL directly? I’m new to all backend stuff, so I haven’t been able to easily explore this option yet.


I am looking for the same. I want all the users logged in to openfire. I have two groups, I am able to retrieve the users from my group, but I am not able to get the users from fastpath group. I 'll be very thankful, if any one knows this.