Can I combine multiple contacts into one?

Some people have more than one account, say one each on msn, aol, and yahoo. Instead of seeing three lines showing their status, is there a way to combine them into a single entry for that person? Trillion calls them “Meta” contacts.

This is not possible with spark. Each of the transports is a completely different protocol and handled independently.

Hmm. With Trillion I believe it is just a display thing. Each transport remains seperate, they are just hidden undernieth a common name. Well, Spark communicates with OpenFire via one protocall and OpenFire handles the individual transports to each IM right? So …

And how does Trillian determines what address (MSN or ICQ) you want to contact? There must be some additional functionality, not just showing similar users together. And this merging is not done automatically? (because people can have different nicknames on different networks). So, it’s a bit complicated and i doubt it could be implemented soon. And i doubt of it’s usefulness for a jabber/xmpp client which Spark is.

Oh, those legacy networks are real nightmare. One is using ICQ on Mondays, then Yahoo on Sundays and sometimes he launches MSN. So you have to keep 3-4 addresses to be able to contact him at any time… brr. XMPP Federation forever!

When you highlight multiple contacts and right-click you can choose “Create a Meta contact”. At that time you choose one of them to be the default and Trillion rolls all of them up under a single recod. Then when you want to contact that person, you either dbl-click on the Meta contact and let Trillion contact the ‘default’, or you hover your mouse over the Meta contact and the list of individual records drop down and you can choose which one you want. I believe it is strickly a display feature.

Thanks for the replies. I was just curious since I just found Spark yesterday!

Yes this a great feature would would serve as a huge benefit in Spark. This should be a must!