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Can I create a group with Spark?


I am using wildfire 3.2.4 and Spark 2.0.5 beta4. How to create a group of people and make it persistent?

First , on the server, you would go under the Users/Groups tab and on the left items click on create new group. Give it the group name you want your clients to have. The click group summary right above the create new group. Click on the name of the group you just created…Click and enable "contact list group sharing, and enter the name of the group in the box right below where you ticked enable…Click on “Save contact list settings”…Now go to the next box below and start adding users by typing in their user name and clicking on add after each name… If the user has a space in their name for example “ted miller”, then you will have to enter their name as “ted\20miller”… in other words you are adding a “\20” without the quotes obviously… The reason is that you will see if you just try to enter “ted miller” without the quotes, it will give you an error:

User(s) not added successfully.

ted is not a registered user.

miller is not a registered user.

So after you have added all your users, click on the “save contact list settings”, then they will automatically be added into a group on your clients with the name you selected as the group name… all the users you added will be in there, and they will be persistent…The users in the group will be in a list at the bottom of that same page under "members of this group…

Thats it!!

A second and even easier way is to start at the beginning, created the group with a name, ENABLE contact list (roster) sharing, enter the name of the group in the box right below where you enabled it… save by pressing “save contact list settings”… then here is the change in the process… go grab the registration plugin from the plugins page for the server… install it… NOW under the Users/Groups tab you will have a new entry under users on the pane to the left named “registration properties” click on it… Under the words REGISTRATION SETTINGS you will have 5 boxes you can tick to enable various settings… by ticking the 4th box labeled “Enable automatically adding of new users to a group” this will do exactly what it says… whenever you add a new user it will automatically put that user into a group for you, so you do not have to manually have to do it for each person… A real time saver!!

NEXT go further down the page, to the area labeled “Default Group” … this is where to enter the name of the group you previously created…

Click on “save settings”



P.S. Thanks “ryang” for the KICKS ASS registration plugin!!!

Hi ,

Thanks for you response. And you mean I can not create persistent group using Client such as Spark? Another question is what is group protocol?