Can I create my own direct text link to a FastPath chat?

When I click the “On-Line Chat” graphic for one of my workgroups, a pop-up window opens at the following address:

http://mydomain:9090/webchat/userinfo.jsp?chatID=1sPbXb0yCl&workgroup=sales@mydo main

If I want to use a text link instead, can I just create a link that points to this:


Will FastPath go ahead and create a chatID for this anyway? If not, can I use PHP or some other scripting language to randomly create my own chatID, and then make a link like this:

http://mydomain:9090/webchat/userinfo.jsp?chatID=[MyRandomChatID]&workgroup=sale s@mydomain

I would backup the jivelive.jsp then edit the file. it controls all those links.

Problem is, I have a need for both image and text links.

Can you give more details?

I would just like to be able to have a text link that opens a FastPath chat window, and I don’t want to edit the .JS file.

The URL to a FastPath chat is very simple:

http://mydomain:9090/webchat/userinfo.jsp?chatID=1sPbXb0yCl&workgroup=sales@mydo main

It just seems to me that you should be able to generate your own chatID and create a direct link yourself without relying on the JavaScript to do it for you.

the problem is you need a random chat ID because that is what distiquishes the different anonymous chat sessions. If you can find a way to randomize thta then you can creat what ever link you want.

Thanks, that’s all I really needed to be sure of. It’s super simple to create a random ID with JavaScript, PHP, etc…

I put this code in my

script language=“JavaScript” type=“text/javascript” src=“http://*******.com/webchat/jivelive.jsp”/></script

Then used the onclick script for the “<a href= tag”

a href="#" onclick=“launchWin(‘framemain’,‘http://.com/webchat/start.jsp? ocation=http://********.com/page.html’,500, 400);return false;”>click to chat</a

I suppose as long as the script is in your you can put the anchor link anywhere. Works for me, hope this helps

not sure how to get the text to recongnize presence

ah well