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Can I develop openfire using IDE Tool IntelliJ IDEA?


Did anyone use IntelliJ IDEA as openfire dev IDE? Could you pls give me a hand, how to run it in IDEA?

Thanks a lot.


Yes, I use IntelliJ.

File -> New -> Project from existing sources.

After import you have to set the classpath correctly. Project Structure -> Modules -> Sources Tab:

Source Folders:


Test Source Folders:


Resource Folders:



build/installer/images (if you run the launcher)

Test Resource Folders:



Hey, I am new on this could you give more details please? i have already downloaded the openfire src from github. then i import it into my project and i am stuck over there, whats next? could you help me out please


could you tell me how you solved your problem or if you could make a quick guide would be great


I know I’m bit late, but last month I wrote a blog about it. https://blog.viyet.io/2017/06/22/working-with-openfire-source-in-intellij-idea/


Hi all,

I’m just posting this in case someone is still strugling with this problem today, I tried the guide posted above but it seems obsolete now, what worked for me is to import Openfire as a maven project, and then follow the instructions in the OF Github page (https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire):

To build the XMPP server you run

mvn verify -pl distribution -am 

right now OF can’t be run in a IDE but you can debug it if you run OF with this parameter:

.\distribution\target\distribution-base\bin\openfire.bat -debug

And then from Intellij you need to attach it as a remote debuger: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/attaching-to-local-process.html

Hope this helps


I don’t understand why IntelliJ IDEA makes things more complicated instead of helping to develop.
IntelliJ IDEA internally uses the same javac to compile code and build-in Maven to assemble JARs. It would be natural for it to use POM.xml and to perform the same mvn verify -pl distribution -am instead of inventing something.
Coming from C# / Visual Studio world I would also expect IDE easily and by default to allow running application in debug mode.