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Can I get codes for Spark?

I want to do some reseach on Spark, so I wonder if I can get the source code for Spark? Spark is really cool, I like it.

After that, I will implement a SWT version jabber client.

Hi Eway,

I’‘m not working for Jive Software but Spark isn’'t an open source project like Wildifre.

It’‘s free and you have the right to redistribute it (correct me if I’‘m wrong) but you can’'t have the source code.

If you need to extend the functionnality of Spark, you can use the API to write a plug-in since Spark is easily extensible (well I think so since I never tried myself :P).

Have a nice day

Or even better yet, why not contribute to the Spark client :). There is a full API, build process, and How-to manuals that you can use to build out some very interesting plugins that the community really needs.

Take a look at http://www.jivesoftware.org/spark/sparkplug_kit.jsp. This contains all the information you need to tie directly into Spark.



thanks a lot.

Announcement on this topic coming in a few minutes…