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Can I join a chat room on a different server?

Hello everyone.

I have a Smack connection to a server I am hosting, and I’'d like to communicate via groupchat to users on a separate server. Is this possible, or can I only use person-to-person chat?

When I try to use Smack to join the chat on another server, I got a 404 error, which I believe is a “remote server not found” error."

Thanks in advance.

Have you successfully connected to groupchat on your own server? If so then it looks like a server issue perhaps.

Yes, I’'ve been able to connect to groupchat on my server. I also performed the following test using Gaim clients:

Logged in Acct1 on Server1

Logged in Acct2 on Server2

Acct1 created chatroom on Server1

Acct1 invited Acct2 to chatroom@Server1

**Acct2 never receives the invite request

I know this isn’'t a Smack related issue, but Acct2 should be able to connect to that room, correct?

As long as both servers muc implementations can commuincate directly it should be entirely possible.