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Can I move users from the embedded db into an external db?


we are currently using openfire 3.3.1 on OpenSuse 10.3 with the embedded database and around 150 users. As Spark is proving much more popular on our site than I could have imagined the system has become quite sluggish.

From what I have read I would be better off using an external database. I have chosen MySql as it’s already being used on the same server.

Is there a way to get the user details out of the embedded db and into the MySql db without having to retype them all?

Thanks for any assistance and pointers.


There is a plugin called User Import Export. It may allow you to do what you are looking to do.


I have tried the user export and import before with limited success.

I have just had a look again and it appears to output an xml file which would as far as I am aware be of no use in a MySql database.

This is a sample of what I get;

<Item jid=“taylor-j@spark” askstatus="-1" recvstatus="-1" substatus=“3” name=“Josie Taylor”>



this is repeated for all the users.

Thanks again

Hi Darren,

The XML file is not for MySQL, but to feed back to UserImportExport plugin after you upgrade.


The plugin is a round trip ticket. First export with it. Then on the new server config, run an import with it.

Hey Darren,

Another alternative is to stop the server, open the file [openfire home]/embedded-db/openfire.script. You can skip all the CREATE statements and try to execute the INSERT statements into your database. They are pretty much standard SQL so they should work fine with your db.


– Gato

Thanks for all the help people.

It looks like the answer to this is yes

I will give these suggestions a try and report back as soon as I have done it.

Thanks again