Can i retrieve a registered transport username and pass?

Hello community. I have the following problem and i hope you could help me see the light =)

I am using IM Gateway 1.2.3 along with Openfire 3.5.1. I can succesfully find out if a transport account is registered by asking for the Discovery Info for a particular transport. So that the response contains <feature var=“jabber:iq:registered”/> i know the account isregistered in the server.

Howeber, what i would really like, is to find out the username (and perhaps the password) of that registered transport so i could know exactly what account is registered. Is there a way to do this and i missed it?

I hope i have make miself clear, my english is not the best XD. Thanks in advance.

There is a page in the admin console that shows you all registration. Sub your server address:

Thanks for the quick answer!

Yes, i am aware of that. But that is not usefull. I want to retrieve the username for the client. I would like to recieve a packet that says (not literely) “this account is registered in the server:

I guess I truely do not understand what you are looking for then. Could you explain better? From that page I can tell what users have registered what account to what gateway. The only missing info is the password.

Sorry, i will try to make myself clear.

I am developping a client. I have a user with a registered transport account in the the server, What i would like to do is connect to the server and then send some packet that will make the server respond another packet with the name of the registered account ( Something like the discovery info works to find out is you are using a transport (msn, etc…)

Please let me know if i have not make myself clear, because my english is not very good and i have no problem in explain it again.

Thanks in advance.

If you go through the standard jabber:iq:register process, outlined in XEP-0100 at, you’ll see there’s a step where you say “I want to register with you, send me your form” and it’ll respond with the list of fields you need for registration. If you already registered, you’ll find that username and password and such are pre-filled in.

Ooh! I really didn’t know that! I wil give it a try and let you know how it went!

Thank you very much!!