Can I run a Unix Wildfire server that queries AD?

Sorry for the newbie question.

I’'m new to wildfire, jabber and AD for that matter.

We’‘re planning on deploying Wildfire on Windows with authenication on AD. But we’'d like to have a Unix server around as backup since Windows can sometimes be unreliable.

(this decision isn’‘t being made by the techies…we’'d be happy just running Jabber on the unix server and be done with it)

It seems to be hypothetically possible to have the Unix server query AD since the wildfire application is java code basically hitting LDAP - but are there other specifics I’'m missing?

I’'ve seen other posters talking about how the jabber server has to be in the AD domain.

So I guess I have to put the Unix server in the AD domain. Will AD let me do this?

Are there other obstacles?

BTW - we started down this road thinking we’‘d do two Jabber servers, one running Unix authenticating to Kerberos, and another server running Windows authenicating to LDAP via AD… but that idea has gotten scratched, and we’'re back to this proposed solution…

Any help would be appreciated,


Hi kmem,

kmem wrote:

So I guess I have to put the Unix server in the AD domain.

No, this isn’'t neccessary. All you will need is a username/password of an AD account that can perform searches and load user records. With the release of v3.1 configuring Wildfire to connect to your AD can be easily done via setup wizard; take a look at the LDAP Guide for details.

Hope that helps,