Can I run multiple CMs on the same machine?

Can I have multiple CMs started, listening on different ports? Together with the server?

Would this even make sense?


Sure, this should be possible. However, the tricky part would be at the client level since most clients will expect to connect on port 5222. A few options:

  • Bind to different network interfaces with each CM.

  • Use a load balancer and re-direct to each CM on the different ports.

Let us know if you need any help making this work!



Hi, is a simple TCP loadbalancer, you could use it to bind to external-IP:5222 and bind the CM instances to,,, … and configure Pen to loadbalance to these loopback addresses without changing the port which seems to be more easy.


As manager.xml does not contain the sample how to bind it to a specific IP addess here it is:



Is it possible to specify the IP address of the xmpp server? Otherwise one must use the /etc/hosts file and add a line like

to avoid a loop (user->pen->cm->pen->cm->…) if the CM connects to pen which uses the xmpp address.

Thank you very much for your suggestions and clear tips! I hope I can try something like this in our test environment. I’'ll post any interesting results here.

You could also use virtualization to simulate a couple of servers. I’'ve been doing it using Xen - works fine for me.