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Can I see what PC a user is logged into?

I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to view what PC a user is logged into. We migrated from Squiggle to Spark/Openfire and the only thing we miss is the ability to see who is logged into where. We have a bunch of people who have to work at multiple desks and it would be great to see who is logged into what PC via its name.

If you want to see that info in Spark’s contacts window, then no, there is no such feature. Spark like other XMPP clients has Resource option, to differentiate several connections of the same account. You can see and change the Resource value in Advanced settings on the login screen in Spark. There is also an option there to use hostname as Resource. Which will make Spark to use PC name for this. To see resource value of another user you may right click a contact and select View client version. It might not load, but it shows on top user@server/resource. Also in Admin Console of Openfire you can see resource values on the Sessions page.