Can I send/recive file from msn in Wildfire?


I have just use the wildfire, and this is a great stuff. But there is one problem, what i don’'t understand. So, i want to use msn in wildfire. I activated the gateway plugin, and i connected and everything ok. But i hoped if I switch on the File Transfer in 7777 port, i will send and recive file from msn with jabber client? I tested everything, but nothing.

I read must set proxy in the client. But i try set up SOCKET5 host, 7777 port and my user’'s username and password, never connected.

So my questuion is this problem solvable? Please help me. Tank you!

Well, ignoring all of the proxy talk, I can cut to the chase and say that file transfer isn’'t supported in the im gateway plugin yet. See GATE-11

Oooo thx. I’‘m sorry that. I think this is very important think. I hope this features realise shortly. I don’'t know what i can do the url, what you give me, but thx

miszterx wrote:

I don’'t know what i can do the url, what you give me, but thx

You can vote for that feature. To do that you must be registered at that site (JIRA - bug tracking system)

You also can try PyMSNt: This MSN transport already supports file transfer and should work with Wildfire.

And buddy icons for that matter. =) Those things are not yet on the horizon with the plugin. (same goes for PyAIMt and PyICQt … they both support Buddy Icons… course I haven’‘t written file transfer support for them yet… who knows when that’'ll happen)

Of course, using the Pys involves installing python, twisted, and friends.

Oooo Thx the lots of help. I download the pymsnt, i configured it, and i ran. In the wildfire i add new external compontent port and secret, what i write config.xml in pymsnt. The pymsnt jidname msntarnsport. But i stop here. I see in external component session the pymsnt connected and correct. But what i have to do i see avatars, and filetransfer is used?

The Gateway plugin have to switch off? I try to registration account with pymsnt’'s webreg, but i get this error:

"Jabber Transport Registration

Now registering your Jabber account with the transport. Please wait, this may take a minute or so

Connecting to your Jabber server…


Could not find a MSN Transport on your server. Please contact your server administrator.

There was an error registering you with the MSN Gateway. Please try again later."

So it doesn’'t find the msn transport. But i see external component session!!!

What i have to do? Please help!

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Generally, yes, you will need to disable the MSN piece of the IM gateway plugin (or use a different JID than msn.yourserver, or configure the im gateway plugin to use a different name). That said, your best place for support for the python transports is

Thx, i write that email, but nothing answear I searching in google but nothing. Did someone do wildfire with pymsn? Nothing…

Hrm. I happen to own that list. ;D (but I’‘m not the pymsnt developer, I’'m the pyaimt and pyicqt developer) Did you get a bounce or did you just not get a response? Did you subscribe to the list first?

Yes, everything is ok Working… But don’‘t really… So i hope the wildfire’‘s IM Gateway project’‘s developers’'re working very fast, and shortly we can send and recive file.

At the moment, he only developer is me. ;D (and doing this in my free time) Soo… I can’‘t really give you a timeframe. That said I’'m always open for patches if anyone ends up interested in working on it. =)