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Can I set permissions in Openfire or Spark

Hey everyone, new to Openfire and Spark, thinking of implementing it into our network as an inhouse chat. I have a couple questions that i need answered before I am able to bring these programs in.

  1. Can i set permissions for some of the users to NOT be able to send messages, only have them receive?

  2. Is there a central area that I can make permissions to cover different people/groups?

Maybe if i explain what type of work this is, it will be easier to answer.

I work at a call center, there is about 200 people in the building, now most of them are call Agents, they just sit there and service our customers,(who should have no permission to SEND messages, only receive.) I also have groups of Lead Hands, that monitor the Agents and these Lead Hands, need to be able to send messages to whomever in the building. No outside messaging. Can this all be done with Openfire and Spark.

Thanks for any advice or links to good sites/forms regarding this.

There is the Admin Console - web based management tool which you can access via browser and do all the administrative tasks. Openfire doesn’t have advanced permissions settings, but i think you should be able to achieve your goalby using Packet Filter plugin, which lets you to block communications from or to particular groups, etc. Plugin can be found and installed on the Plugins page in Admin Console.