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Can I stop the ChatTranscript


I’‘m struggling with the ChatTranscript. I do not want them… nor do I need them. But even if I select from preferences (Disable Chat History), I still get these HistoryMessages’’ en LIGHT_GRAY when I open a ChatRoom.

What is worse, is that I need to format the messages according to some rules here (requirements). I have added a TranscriptWindowInterceptor, but the handle… methods ARE NOT called for those HistoryMessage of the ChatTranscript. So I don’'t get the possibility to format the messages. Perhaps this is a design-bug ??

So I do hope I can get some feedback on how to stop this ChatTranscript…

(We do want some history added when opening the ChatRoom, but the length of the history is NOT a given number ovmessages (as I can set in the Server ???), rather all messages the latest N days. Therefore we plan to add these history messages ourselves.

CAN I stop the ChatTranscript (is it a plugin which I can avoid to deploy ?)


Per Kare Foss

I’m wondering if anyone has more recent input on this issue?

We need to prevent transcripts from being stored locally on any PCs in our organization. Of course, we could instruct users to enter Preferences and disable chat history, but we need a more reliable, managed way to ensure that no chat logs are kept scattered around our computers.

I have not yet ventured into downloading the source code and seeing what would be required to force this option permanently off, but any info or ideas would be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much - ATM

Ended up downloading the source, forcing chat history to false, then disabling the preferences UI for that setting. Worked well - very interesting app.