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Can I use Openfire and Active Directory at the same time?


I am experimenting with adding an Openfire server for a better chat experience in our network. I would be interested in using our Active Directory users but I would also like to create Openfire users without them also being Active Directory users. Is this possible?

I have yet to integrate Active Directory users and I am getting some answers that says yes but in relation to Wildfire. Is this true? If so does Openfire also support this functionality?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I think one user was able to get both local and AD users on the same setup, but that’s rather hacking than a supported setup. Officially this is not supported. Either local or users imported from LDAP.

Do you happen to have a link to this thread or know of which keywords would lead me to the thread via a search?

I’ve found it, though it seems it is not exactly what you are looking for. This user was creating local users and then authenticating via AD with them. But maybe this will work for you