Can I use Pidgin for connect to openfire?


Can I use Pidgin for connect to openfire? I used it and choice “XMMP” but got an error about SSL.

Any idea?


You can use any XMPP client, Pidgin included. You can post the error here. Maybe it only complained about SSL certificate being self-signed (if using such) and you could just accept that and continue with Login.

The certificate for myserver could not be validated. The certificate chain presented is invalid.

I remember Pidgin having a checkbox or a button with advanced setting on that screen which should allow you to still accept bad certificate and remember that setting. If your certificate is self-signed or expired, or for a wrong domain, many clients will complain, but many will allow you to accept that certificate with an additional option.

I tested all options on advanced part but “SSL peer presented an invalid certificate” !!!

Can’t help with that. Maybe that’s a problem with certificate you are using. Can you connect with other clients? Like Spark, Gajim?

Thank you" Gajim" worked but have a lot of bug and I can’t send any PM

Which version of pidgin / libpurple are you using? There appears to be a bug in Pidgin related to self-signed certificates. Perhaps you’re running into that?

Not only do you have a self-signed cert, but the chain is invalid (e.g. the self-signed CA cert in your change wasn’t created as a CA cert with the appropriate Basic Constraints, etc.). Previous versions of pidgin didn’t adequately check those and allowed that use case; that was a security bug that was fixed in 2.10.10.
It seems that Pidgin’s certificate verification was more strict in version 2.10.10. There’s a chance that the self-signed certificates generated by Openfire are not compliant somehow. If that’s the case, then we should address that in Openfire.


I used the last version on pidgin.

I tested all options and problem not solved