Can i use Spring framework in Openfire?

Hi , everybody, Can i use Spring framework in Openfire? because i want invoke some service from Dubbo, or other selutions.@Tom Evans

Spring is not part of the Openfire core, and it has a potentially large number of jar file dependencies. However, I suppose you could build a custom plugin that would allow you to include them via your plugin’s /lib/ directory. You could then setup the Spring context (controllers, etc.) as part of the plugin’s initialization routine.

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Thanks for your guidance, i will move Spring part from Openfire core to my custom plugin.

Could you please explain more on how the Spring libraries will be embedded. I am trying to use Maven build to import all the required dependencies, but it is not working, although mvn install successfully builds.

Please try and give the structure in relation to the plugin directory. I have a pom.xml in my /libs folder which is generating the required dependencies. I have placed the Controller… In the same /lib folder.

Thank you @Tom Evans