Can i use the Browser to get the subjects or the descriptions of all rooms?

Hi, I use jabber for a multiplayergame. Several games (chatRooms) will be running simultaniously. Players that start a game can set a number of properties, such as the name of the game, the required number of players for that game, the number of rounds, whether or not it is a rated game etc.

I would like to show an overview of all games running, with their these properties. I was thinking i might store these properties in the chatRoom-description for that game, or the chatRoom-subject. I figured I could read that information with the Browser-object. But I cannot find a way to read it, I can only find Browser-examples that show either all names of the chatRooms, or of the users in a room. Is it impossible?

I would like to know the max# users in a room as well. Isn’'t it possible to read the configuration of a room (without logging into it)?

If these things are not possible, I should store alle game-information in the name of the game, like this: = “name=game1&rounds=4&rated=false&etc”;

That would not be a very elegant solution, I hope somebody can help me.