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Can Jive Messenger be configured in a cluster?

We have a customer who wants to set up a very large chat system. We’'ve been told to plan for 12 million registered users with as many as 1.2 million using chat at a given time.

Obviously this is far beyond the capacity of any single computer. Does Jive Messenger support any kind of clustering setup where the load can be spread across multiple (dozens or hundreds) of servers?


Currently Messenger is only available in a non-clustered version. As you guessed, a single server will not be able to handle the user populations you’'re talking about (at most you could get thousands (not millions) of simultaneous users on any one physical server).

Jive has experience and code for creating highly scalable clustered server apps for extremely large user communities. We’'ve also been talking with one of technology partners about ways to gracefully scale Messenger in a few different ways. I think we have a lot of options. We should start a conversation about your needs and what we can do to meet them. Please contact us directly so we can discuss this in more detail:


(Sorry for the delay in replying…)

You mean the “sales@” address?