Can not connect to jabberd2

When I try to connect from Spark 2.6.0-beta2 or Spark-SVN 11624 I get the following message and no connection is get established:

14.02.2010 14:06:33 org.jivesoftware.spark.util.log.Log warning
WARNUNG: Exception in Login:
SASL authentication failed using mechanism DIGEST-MD5:
        at org.jivesoftware.smack.SASLAuthentication.authenticate(
        at org.jivesoftware.smack.XMPPConnection.login(
        at org.jivesoftware.LoginDialog$LoginPanel.login(
        at org.jivesoftware.LoginDialog$LoginPanel.access$400(
        at org.jivesoftware.LoginDialog$LoginPanel$1.construct(
        at org.jivesoftware.spark.util.SwingWorker$

Any help would be great.


i tried to use 2.6.3, because i have the same problem than sebastian. But it doesnt seem that u have fixed this issue, do u?

Thanx for your help?

We have taken a patch from an Android client to fix this. Unfortunately no one tested or reported about it during the Spark 2.6. dev stream. I’ll reopen SMACK-324 that is dealing with this. But there is no developer around to deal with this.

I too can not use Spark 2.6.3 to connect with our jabberd IM server. I believe that the Smack 3.2.0 library must be updated to version 3.2.2 or 3.2.4.

When will Spark 2.6.4 be released to fix this defect?

The release has been tendatively scheduled for October 31st. There is a mojor error in the file transfer code of Smack that needs to be sorted out prior any release.


There are any news about the release/error?

Thanks for helping.


I believe that the next release (2.7.0) is supposed to fix this defect. I have been monitoring the activity on the 2.7.0 release and unfortunately there hasn’t been much progress recently.